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Frequently Asked Questions

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Rocket Axe Throwing
  • We only provide private axe throwing, which means we will never combine your group with another. Our minimum lane fee is $60 total. If your group has 3 people, it is still $20 per person. For 2 people, it’s $30 per person. If you're good with that, just make your reservation for 4 people. You’ll put down a $20 deposit on the website, and you’ll owe $40 on the day of the event.

  • 18 and older can throw without a parent. Our insurance also covers minors from 17 to 12 years of age as long as they are accompanied by a parent. For minor throwing, the event must finish by 9 o’clock and every child’s parent must be present to sign the waiver. They do not necessarily have to throw.

  • For axes, our group rate is only $250 for 2 hours, with unlimited participants. The exception is Friday and Saturday evenings after 6 o’clock, which is priced at $400 for the 2 hours. If you want to schedule an event from 5-7 o’clock on these days, we will prorate it for a total of $325. Please note that we add a 15% gratuity for these event types.

    Schedule these events using our calendar to reserve back to back time slots with 16 axes per slot. You will be charged a deposit of $20 per time slot, which will be subtracted from your total on the day of the event.

Ice Scream
  • Alain Eggs Brownie Sundae or Lady Bearcat’s Guide to the Galaxy cheesecake and ice cream.

  • 45 Years.

  • Yes.

  • No it’s Free Play

  • Yes

  • Yes, we have Arcades

Joker's Lounge
  • Huge Giant Gaming Lounge with over
    100 Old School Board Games & Giant Games everywhere

  • Absolutely Not

  • Yes but, we also have a free facility that can be used during business hours!